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Amazon Echo Studio

Alexa Voice Service, 3D Audio, WLAN


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Under the hood


Combination 3.5 mm/mini-optical Toslink


Dolby Atmos, 5 speakers


1x Echo Studio, 1x power cable, 1x quick start guide


Dual-band Wi-Fi

Special features

Alexa enabled, voice control your music, automatically senses the acoustics of your space, built-in smart home hub

Inside the box

Amazon Echo Studio

3D Sound & Optimal Alexa in Your Home

The Amazon Echo Studio is a high-performing smart speaker with 3D sound and natural Alexa integration, so you can optimize your audio experience, whilst controlling your smart home features. The Echo adapts to each room, allows you to voice control its functions, provides fully immersive sound with the ability to sync with other devices, and offers full privacy. ## Fully 3D Music Experience

Stream your entire music library using voice control to integrate with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more. Use Amazon Music in HD to gain true 3D sound for over 50 million songs, with incredible acoustics that are automatically designed to respond to the space that your Amazon Echo Studio is located in. You can also use your Echo to ask Alexa questions, or to read the news, and to carry out other immersive and on-demand services. ## How do I maintain privacy with the Amazon Echo Studio?

This device has been built with multiple options for layering up your security to suit your needs. This includes an automatic option to switch off microphones and to prevent any inadvertent recording. ## How do I get the 3D music feature?

You will need to take out an Amazon Music HD subscription to enjoy this feature. For immersive entertainment, you can also pair the device with a 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube or a 4K Fire TV Stick.

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