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Apple Magic Keyboard 12.9 Ipad Pro (5th Gen)

Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9" (3. Gen, 4. Gen, 5. Gen)


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Inside the box

Transform tablets into laptops with the Apple Magic Keyboard

Create a floating adjustable screen

The Apple Magic Keyboard forms a stable base for an iPad and provides you with a huge amount of additional functionality. The keyboard is large enough to feel comfortable when you type and the glossy trackpad is exceptionally responsive.

A stunning backlit keyboard with tough rubber casing

The Magic Keyboard keys will adjust their brightness automatically in response to the lighting conditions you are working in. When you fold the scissor keyboard mechanism down, it lays flat against the screen to provide protection during storage or transport.

No separate battery to charge

If you’ll be emailing, word processing and browsing, the Apple Magic Keyboard won’t drain your iPad's battery too quickly. Video calls and streaming will use more power, but you can keep the charger plugged in if you’re working inside.

A laptop experience for smaller iPads

This 12.9" Magic Keyboard is compatible with the iPad Pro (2nd Gen) and iPad Air (4th Gen). Just lay your tablet onto the magnetic mount and it snaps into position immediately. The magnets hold on tight so there’s no screen slippage.

What is special about the Apple Magic Keyboard?

Apple has immodestly named their keyboard ‘magic’ because the iPad screen appears to float a few centimeters above it. This effect is achieved thanks to a few strong magnets and means you can tilt the screen to adjust your viewing angle.

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