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Bose Sport Earbuds

Bluetooth 5.0, Noise isolation, Up to 5+10h


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Under the hood


In-ear headphones




Up to 5+10h


Touch sensors



Key features

Maximum comfort and a secure fit, lifelike high-quality sound from Bose, Active EQ ensures automatic treble and bass amplification, advanced built-in microphone system, built from sweat and weather resistant material.

Noise canceling

Noise isolation

Wireless charging

Qi certified wireless charging

Integrated microphone


Intelligent functions

Touch control

Water/splash resistant

IPX4 water resistant

Frequency response, Sound pressure level & Impedance


Inside the box

Bose Sport Earbuds

Exercise has never sounded more appealing

Advanced earbuds for any workout

Created by one of the world's leading audio brands, Bose Sport Earbuds blend comfort, stability and outstanding sonics to deliver crisp music or podcasts whether you are running, lifting, boxing, or climbing. If you need motivation when working out, these are the earbuds to choose.

Exceptional comfort

When you work out, you don't want to be distracted in any way. That's why the Bose Sport Earbuds have been engineered to sit comfortably in your ears, even during epic runs and gym sessions. Washable silicone StayHear™ Max Tips in three different sizes are included, and they adapt to the shape of your ears. The result is unobtrusive comfort, no matter how intense your exercise becomes.

Designed for fitness fanatics

Every aspect of these earbuds has been crafted with fitness in mind. For instance, they store up to 5 hours per charge, letting you hike or run for as long as you like without missing a track. Meanwhile, features like Active EQ and high power compact drivers ensure that the sound produced is pure and consistent at all times.

Essential extras

Just like dedicated runners, Bose go the extra mile with their earbuds. You'll receive a handy transport case to take Bose Sport Earbuds on the road - a useful add-on for flights or coach journeys. And smartphone users can hook their earbuds up to the Bose Music App, letting you play with sound settings and sync up your earbuds with other Bose products if needed.

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