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Google Nest Audio

Smart speaker, WLAN, Bluetooth, with Voice Control


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Under the hood


Speakers and microphones: 75 mm woofer and 19 mm tweeter, 3 far field microphones, switch for switching off the microphones


Room-filling sound throughout your home • Stream music simply by voice command • Start immediately with "Hey Google" • Control smart home devices using voice commands • Simply set up an audio system for your home • Made from recycled materials • Data protection included: easily delete all or part of your Google Assistant history for the last seven days with just a voice command

App controllable

Yes, Google Home app

Integrated assistant

Google Assistant

Inside the box

Google Nest Audio

Total Control At Your Fingertips

The Google Nest Audio is the latest generation in Smart Speaker with features that include WLAN, Bluetooth, and Voice Control for the most customizable, highest-quality audio experience in your home. You can pair it with other devices, use it with whatever audio streaming services you choose, and customize your listening experience for the best possible audio in your home. Even better, Google is on hand to help you control your smart home with Voice Control or to provide you with information - simply ask your Nest Audio to tell you the weather, your calendar appointments, the news - or whatever you need! ## What does Google Nest audio do?

Simply say 'Hey Google' to activate your Google Nest Audio and choose the music that you want to hear - with perfect sound thanks to Nest Audio's Tweeter, Woofer, and auto-tuning software for the superb bass and crisp vocals. This latest release is 75% louder than the original Google Home and pumps out a 50% more powerful bass into the mix. You'll find that audiobooks, news, and other types of content sound crisper and clearer too. ## Can you use Google Nest audio with TV?

Yes, you can link your TV to Google Nest by using the Bluetooth connectivity feature and managing your paired devices in the settings. It's easy to do and the user guide walks you through the setup step by step.

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