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Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (Playstation + PC)

Wheel + pedals, next generation TRUEFORCE force feedback


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Incredible virtual racing from the Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (Playstation + PC)

Take your racing up a gear with Logitech's gaming technology

The Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (Playstation + PC) is a gaming wheel with a difference. Featuring advanced engineering, the G923 delivers a level of realism that's as close to the track as console and PC gamers ever get. Feel every G and every piston pump as you take your lap times lower. ## Unprecedented feedback for total realism

The Logitech G923 Gaming Wheel (Playstation + PC) is more than just a steering wheel. Naturally, it does that too, but Logitech have gone much further. This wheel + pedals combo uses TRUEFORCE force feedback to translate the on-screen action into real-world sensations. And the dual-clutch with launch assist control just makes things even more immersive and lifelike. ## Stylish aesthetics and easy installation

Part of the next generation of gaming wheels, the G923 is built for use with today's mid-range PCs and Sony PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. The exterior matches the interior wizardry, with brushed metal pedals, premium leather stitching, and an overall look that could be taken straight from high-end sports cars or IndyCar cockpits. ## Controls to handle any situation

The steering wheel also comes with a handy central dial which acts as the main controller. From here, you can calibrate pedals and steering, change force feedback sensitivity and control menus and other on-screen features via familiar buttons and sticks. It's an all-in-one solution that every racer should have. If not, you're sure to be left behind when the engines start to roar.

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4.13 / 5