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Optoma HD146X Projector - Full HD

3600 ANSI lumens, 3D Ready


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Under the hood


3600 ANSI lumens


1x HDMI , 1x audio out, 1x USB

Aspect ratio


Picture quality

Full HD

Projection size

0.70 - 7.60 m

3D functionality

3D Ready

Special features

Ideal for live sports, TV shows or films at any time of the day. Eco mode. Integrated speaker.

Screen resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels

Projection distance

1.00 - 12.00 m

Inside the box

Optoma HD146X Projector Full HD

Cinema quality visuals in a compact package

The Optoma HD146X Projector Full HD is a high res projector with stylish looks that's designed to provide "big-screen entertainment" in the comfort of your own home. Suitable for sports lovers, cinephiles, and even gamers, the HD146X is compact, easy to connect, and even mobile enough to take on the road. ## What does full 3D mean when applied to the Optoma HD146X?

The standout feature of the Optoma HD146X Projector Full HD is the fact that it's capable of "Full HD", but what does this really mean? In the world of projectors, it matters a lot. That's because the term denotes that the device has the ability to receive HD signals. That lets you enjoy cinema or sports in 1080p resolution - a big step up from standard 720p visuals. ## Easy to slot into home entertainment setups

The HD146X is engineered for convenience. Its 3600 ANSI lumens rating means that you can watch without the need for blackout curtains, there are HDMI and USB power sockets, while integrated speakers allow you to set up the projector anywhere. There's no need for expensive soundbars. Just plug it in, find a suitable projection surface and enjoy. ## Exceptional visuals to entertain and amaze

Aside from Full HD, the Optoma HD146X Projector Full HD is ready to deliver 3D content as well, guaranteeing incredibly immersive movie experiences. Dynamic Black Technology automatically adjusts contrast for every setting, while the device delivers the complete Rec.709 color gamut – just like a real cinema.

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