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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Bluetooth 5.1, in-ear, Adjustable ANC + ambient sound, Up to 8+28h w/o ANC


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Under the hood


In-ear headphones




Up to 8+28h w/o ANC and 5/18h with ANC


Wear, voice detection



Key features

Comfortable design, spatial audio and rich bass made by AKG, direct access to spotify, 3x microphone for noise cancellation and rich voice pick-up, the voice detect feature automatically detects when you're speaking and allows ambient sound.

Noise canceling

Adjustable ANC + adjustable ambient sound

Wireless charging


Integrated microphone

3x microphone + VPU

Intelligent functions

Voice control, voice prompts and touch controls

Water/splash resistant


Frequency response, Sound pressure level & Impedance


Inside the box

High-end sound, superb noise cancellation, and days of battery life: the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro In-ear headphones

Not just any ordinary noise cancellation

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro In-ear headphones don’t come with any run-of-the-mill noise cancellation software. They have Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation that you can adjust. That means if you’re in a noisy place, like the bus or the tube, then you can turn the cancellation up, whereas if you’re chilling in the library, you can turn it right down for maximum performance. And with four Ambient Mode levels, you can make sure you hear what you need to hear.

High-end sound quality

They might be small, but these headphones don’t lack quality when it comes to audio. Fitted with two-way speakers and housing an 11mm bass woofer and 6.5mm tweeter for treble sounds, you’ll always be able to enjoy a full audio spectrum.

Hours and hours of battery life

No matter how long your days are, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro In-ear headphones won’t let you down. For each charge, you’re looking at up to 28 hours of playback time, and a rapid charge turnaround too, with just 10 minutes in the charging case adding another 85 minutes of playback time.

Flawless connectivity and comfy to boot

Fitted with Bluetooth 5.1 technology, these headphones don't disappoint you from a connectivity point of view, whether you’re making a call or just streaming some music. And, they won’t fall out either thanks to their ergonomic design and swappable ear-tip sizes.

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4.13 / 5