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Samsung - 32" Odyssey G5 C32G54TQWR LC32G54TQWRXEN

QHD, HDR, Curved, AMD FreeSync™


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Under the hood




VA 32 inches (2560 x 1440), 144Hz


27.95 x 10.73 x 21 in • 12.56 lb


2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x Headphone Out

Response Time


High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Inside the box

Samsung Odyssey G5 Monitor

Epic visuals that are way ahead of the curve

The Samsung Odyssey G5 Monitor is one of the world's first 1000R monitors - offering true wraparound visuals that immerse, delight and astound. Whether you use it for gaming or work, the Odyssey G5 will combine incredible curves with high res graphics and sharp performance, leveling up any activity instantly. ## Enter a whole new world with curved screen experiences

Curved monitors aren't just a gimmick. These advanced models let you see every portion of the screen without distortion, bringing every detail into focus. Add in QHD resolution, and that makes the Samsung Odyssey G5 Monitor an extraordinary addition to gaming rigs or streaming setups. You've never felt this close to the action, that's for sure. ## Crystal clarity and dreamy smoothness

Alongside curved surfaces, Odyssey monitors bring plenty of other features to the party. The QLED lighting system offers super-clear colors and precise shading, creating the perfect atmosphere for any game. And AMD FreeSync™ includes a special processor which cuts back on choppiness, smoothing out animation to ensure that the action is as close-to-life as possible. ## Futuristic looks for contemporary gamers

The Odyssey G5 also cleans up when it comes to form factor. The sleek arc of the screen matches a glowing blue central support, while a streamlined bracket looks refined and offers adaptable placement. You can attach the monitor to desks and reposition at will – whatever suits your needs. It's an all-round enhancement for anyone's gaming lifestyle.

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