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Shure SM7B

Wired, Dynamic microphone, 50-20000Hz / 150 Ohms / 59dB


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Shure SM7B

Get your message across with a premium Shure microphone

Clarity is everything when it comes to broadcasting, and you can only create clear, compelling audio with a high-quality microphone. That's exactly what you'll get with the Shure SM7B. This premium mic from one of the audio industry's biggest names will set you up for stunning streams and YouTube masterpieces. ## Specs that make audio pop like never before

When you broadcast with a Shure SM7B, you don't need to worry about audio quality. Sure, there's nothing we can do about a terrible script, but this dynamic microphone will capture every single word. Capable of 59dB and a resistance of 150 Ohms, it works at a frequency range of 50-20000Hz - the ideal specs for most home streamers. ## Ergonomic and easy to set up

The SM7B is a wired model, so it's handy for connecting to laptops and gaming stations. if you intend to create a static studio for Twitch, YouTube or standalone videos, it's a good model to choose. The mic can attach in multiple positions, either from above or below - and it can easily be angled for your favorite speaking style. ## Designed for professionals, perfect for beginners

With its mix of flexibility and high-quality audio, the Shure SM78 appeals to every part of the home broadcasting spectrum. It can eliminate flaws that plague novices while guaranteeing a warmer, richer result. If you've been frustrated by tinny, weak audio and want to sound your best, it's definitely a great microphone to try.

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4.13 / 5