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Sonos Five

Wireless speaker for music streaming


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Inside the box


Deep bass sound, humidity resistant, and with faultless touch control

A sound like the movies

Designed with flawless audio in mind, the Sonos 5 Wireless Smart Speaker boasts superb amplifier quality. For the higher end sounds, there are six class-D digital amplifiers, making the best possible use of the acoustic design of the speaker. And, for a richer and more fulfilling bass sound, there are three midwoofers.

Trueplay technology for a truer sound

Linkable to your mobile phone, Trueplay technology allows you to adjust the speaker’s sound for each room. That means no matter whether you’re using it in the bath or in your hallway, the sound quality will always be at a top level.

Control through your phone and your voice

The Sonos 5 is extraordinarily easy to set up, and even easier to use. It comes with voice control, so you can simply tell it what to do without getting up, as well as control through the Sonos App and Apple Airplay 2.

Connectivity to die for and water resistance, too

Apart from your TV, which sadly you can’t connect the Sonos 5 to, this speaker works with more or less all other audio tech: your turntable, projector, or CD player can simply be plugged in using the 3.5mm jack without further complication. With a sealed design, the Sonos 5 Wireless Smart Speaker is also humidity-resistant. That means if one evening you just want to chill in the bath with some easy tunes, then you needn’t worry about the humidity in the air damaging the speaker. Sonos Five kabellos smart speaker

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4.13 / 5