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Sony PS VR Starter Pack (VR Glasses / PS Camera / PS Camera Adapter for PS5)

Tethered, OLED 1920 × 1080 pixel, 90-120Hz, PS4 / PS5


per month for 12 months, afterward cancel anytime


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Under the hood




PS VR Starter Pack




6DOF Head Tracking



Refresh rate


Field of View

Fresnel 101°

Operating mode


PC requirements

PS4, PS5

Supported platforms


Display type, lens & resolution

OLED 1920 × 1080 pixel

Inside the box


Sony PS VR Starter Pack (VR Glasses / PS Camera / PS Camera Adapter)

Experience Gaming in a New Way

The Sony PS VR Starter Pack makes it easy to experience the thrill of virtual reality when you game, and this bundle pack has everything that you need to get going. Designed for PlayStation 4 it has a PSVR Headset, a PlayStation 4-enabled camera and an edition of VR Worlds, which can be accessed via a redemption code in the box. ## How do I set up the Sony PS VR Starter Pack?

It couldn't be easier – and is designed to be pure plug-in and play, and Sony has designed the Sony PS VR Starter Pack to immediately connect with PlayStation4. You just need your VR headset, the PlayStation camera (both in the starter bundle), and your PlayStation 4 console. Plug it in, load up your game and step into an amazingly immersive VR world to experience gaming in a more exciting way than ever before.

Which games can you play with the PS VR?

There are dozens of PlayStation games that are designed to be compatible with the Sony PR VR starter pack and the list updates regularly. These include Ace Combat 7, Bad Bird, Battlezone, Cult County, Distance, Dreams, Eagle Flight, Fated, Golem, Headmaster, Loading Human, The Deep, Thunderbird, and Visage. It's worth doing a search on the PlayStation and Sony websites for a full list to see the latest.

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