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Sony WH-1000 XM3 Over-ear Bluetooth Headphones

Over-ear, Wireless and Wired, ANC, Voice command, Up to 38h Battery


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Under the hood


Over-ear Headphones


WH 1000 Xm3


104.5 dB, 101 dB


38 Hours


4-40000 Hz


Bluetooth, Wireless and Wired

Water rating




Smart Attributes

Google Assistant, Touch control

Special Features

Equalizer, Surround, Sound Position Control, Noise Reduction On / Off Switch, Personal Noise Optimizer, Atmospheric Pressure Optimizer, Ambient Sound Mode, Immediate Attention

Inside the box

Block out distractions, focus on the music

Premium over-the-ear audio bliss

Ever feel irritated by the outside world leaking into your music listening experience? If so, you'll love Sony Headphones WH-1000 XM3 Over-ear Headphones. These high-end headphones from Sony offer exceptional noise cancellation, incredibly balanced audio and elite level comfort. Now that's got to sound good, right?

Music has never sounded better

Sound quality is the trump card of Sony Headphones WH-1000 XM3 Over-ear Headphones, and if you've relied on mediocre headphones you'll notice a massive difference. ANC is part of the mix to create a barrier between listeners and the outside world, while analogue amplification generates powerful base and crystal clear layers throughout the mix.

Excellent battery life

WH-100 XM3 headphones come with up to 38h battery life, so even the longest flights or coach journeys will be covered. Even better, they will reach full charge in just 3 hours, so you can boost them before leaving for the day.

Ideal for travelers

Long battery life isn't the only feature of these over-ear phones that stands out. Sony have also added an atmospheric pressure optimizer to the mix. With that on board, they can optimize audio for airplane cabins and ensure superb quality at all altitudes.

Comfort and connectivity

Super-soft cushions and a lightweight headband make the Sony Headphones WH-1000 XM3 Over-ear Headphones feel unobtrusive even over long listening sessions. They support wireless and wired usage, come with voice activation, and also let you customise noise cancellation to suit different settings. All-in-all, over-the-ear headphones couldn't get more versatile."

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