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Thrustmaster T300 Rs GT Edition

Incl. 3-pedal set, PS4/PS3/PC


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Thrustmaster T300 Rs GT Edition

Optimized for Gran Turismo, ideal for all racing fans

The Thrustmaster T300 Rs GT Edition is one of the most realistic, satisfying gaming wheels around. Designed for use with the Gran Turismo franchise, it's fine to use with other racers, offering a new dimension for Formula One or sports car fans on PlayStation and PCs alike. ## Get behind the wheel in total control

If you've relied on joypads before, upgrading to a gaming wheel like the Thrustmaster T300 Rs GT Edition is a no-brainer. This 11" GT wheel has an authentic feel thanks to its reinforced rubber surface, while it uses inertia and force feedback to mimic the experience of real-world racing. And 13 action buttons cater for every style of racing - letting you customize your setup to win every race. ## Add pedals to the mix for even more realism

The T300 Rs GT wheel isn't the only thing gamers will discover in this set. It also comes with a 3-pedal set that connects to the wheel seamlessly. Also based on genuine GT models, these pedals have a beautiful metallic structure and feature accelerator, brake and clutch functions. You can raise or lower them as needed, until you find the ideal configuration. After that, just fire up your favorite racer for PS4/PS3/PC systems. Engage the throttle, put on some tunes, and lose yourself in a level of driving realism that's beyond belief.

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4.13 / 5